Know This Before You Hire You Hire Your Lawyer

There is a wide range of accidents and situations which constitute personal injury. You could have been injured through a fall on your neighbor's property, involvement in an automobile accident or probably got bitten by another person's dog. You will sustain personal injury in these situations.
In case of serious personal injury, you should hire a qualified personal injury lawyer to handle the matter.

But before you embark on the claim process, get yourself a results oriented lawyer and Greenwald Law Firm at is a good place to start. However, you need to know the following before you engage a law firm to represent you:

Move very fast after the injury has occurred as too much delay or postponement may deny a chance to file your case in future due to the statute of limitations. Be sure to check these limitations for your stat

Confirm that the potential lawyer is properly trained and licensed. Ask them whether they have handled cases like yours before or whether they have successfully represented claimants like you in the past. Get contacts of clients they have served and call them for feedback.

You need to understand your part as well. Get treatment first and forward related medical bills to the health insurance company. Let your lawyer in on everything pertaining to such bills or the truth of what happened. The advocate will need this information for adequate preparation.

Ask friends, work place colleagues or a referral service for references. You can also do online personal injury lawyer reviews to ensure that you will not be dealing with a lawyer from a law firm that has a poor reputation or a shady history. As a general rule, always avoid ambulance chasers. To get more ideas on where to find the right personal injury lawyers, go to .

You need to gather very relevant information and handle it over to the attorney. Give them documents and information such as medical records, accident report in case police were involved, pictures of damage or injuries, specific details of the accident such as place, time, date and weather conditions, your car insurance policy information and that of the other party and details of your current income/wages.

You need to know that lawyers charge 33.3% -40% of the jury award. Ensure that any pending medical bills are cleared before the calculation is done to avoid getting stuck with bills after the pay out.

Hiring the right Greenwald Law Firm personal lawyer saves you lot of stress and improves the chances that you will get fair compensation in the courts or during out of court negotiations.